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Hassle-free returns - 30-day Return Policy

Hassle-free returns - 30-day Return Policy



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Why Buy Christian Products?

You don't have to be a preacher or even be in a church to spread the Word of God. With Christian products, you can praise God no matter what you're doing. With Christian clothing for lounging around the house, a tasteful piece of Christian jewelry for work, or a Christian tote to take when you're running a few errands, My Righteous Apparel can help prove that He is ever-present and everlasting.

Take a look at some different Christian products for sale in our store to see how symbols of your faith can also be comfortable, stylish, and importantly, cherished forever.

Christian Clothing: Shirts and Sweatshirts

Wearing clothes that spread the Word of God is one of the most public expressions of your faith. Our sweatshirts are soft and comfortable with big front pockets and a wide variety of religiously inspired phrases and symbols. From a simple cross across the chest to a constant reminder that "Jesus Saves," you can find a message that suits your tastes.

Want to spread God's Word when you leave the house? T-shirts make a fashion statement while drawing attention to your Christian message. Check out our line of T-shirts for men and women, broadcasting the gospel using attractive patterns and truly meaningful, unapologetically Christian wisdom. We even have options for kids, so you can make sure that no matter where your young family members, friends, and loved ones go, they're clothed in the Word of God.

Christian Mugs for Coffee and Tea

Many people enjoy coffee or tea throughout the day. With our selection of Christian mugs, you can be reminded of your faith every time you take a drink. Who among us can say no to some inspiration first thing in the morning?

Need to put the "go" in "gospel"? Don't worry, we also offer Christian travel mugs!

Christian Wall Art

Nothing emphasizes the Word of God in your life like decorating your home with it. Ranging from inspirational slogans to posters of calming nature scenes, our wide variety of Christian hangings, vinyl stickers, and high-quality photo prints remind you of His power in any room of your home.

You can even help guests instantly understand your priorities with a Christian-themed doormat.

Christian Jewelry

Jewelry often has enormous personal meaning to the individual who wears it. With our Christian-themed jewelry, you show the importance of following the righteous path of our Lord. Cross pendants, bracelets, and necklaces send a clear message of your devotion, while dried flowers representing the tree of life help you express your faith in a more subtle, personal way. Christian jewelry also makes a great gift for those you care most about in your life.

Why Buy Christian Products?

True faith is so much more than going to church on Sunday. If you're a Christian, and God's Word has you bursting with joy, why would you try to hold it in?